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Free browsing 2019 is here and today we are going to see how we can get up to 10GB using this free browsing. This method is called double data that means you are going to get twice of your normal data and the network we are going to use is Airtel.

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Airtel double data is a package designed by Airtel to give customers twice of whatever data plan they subscribe. Airtel is one of the best network provider suitable for anyone who spends much time online. This double data will not be a waste because the Airtel network is stable almost everywhere.

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Get Airtel Double Data Now! 

You can take advantage of this Airtel double data if you are the type that likes spending much time on the internet. Data they said is life and Airtel double data is here to double your life.

You can Airtel double data on any sim but it’s a matter of luck. Some people might be lucky while others might not. In my experience, I found out that the lucky ones usually Airtel newly registered sim card. The surest of it all is to get a new 4G LTE sim and you will start swimming in double data.

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How To Get Airtel Double Data 

Getting Airtel double data is simple and doesn’t require tweaking or any other configuration. Before you can get this double data, you have to check your eligibility. I will be showing you two ways you can do that.


To check your eligibility, simply dial *144# that is Airtel double data code.  If it shows a popup like the image below, that means you are eligible for the Airtel Double Data Offer. Also, when you check your airtime balance, you’ll see a notice from Airtel asking you to try out the 100% data bonus offer.

Airtel Double data

Another way you can check if you qualify for Airtel double data is to send SMS. Simply text Get to 141 you will receive SMS telling you if you are eligible or not. You can also text JOIN to 141 to check your eligibility.

How to Subscribe

When you dial *144#, choose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 to buy and activate any data plan of your choice from the displayed options.

  1. 400MB for 200Naira valid for 3 days.
  2. 1.5GB for 500naira valid for 14 days.
  3. 3GB for 3,000Naira valid for 30 days.
  4. 7GB for 2,000Naira valid for 30days.
  5. 10GB for 2,500naira valid for 30days.

How to Check Double Date Balance 

You can actually check your data balance using the normal code of checking data balance. Simply dial *140# and you will receive SMS notification showing you your data balance.

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